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Home Warranties Continue to Stink

July 15, 2007 Leave a comment

This is an update to the previous post “Home Warranties Stink“:

After throwing in the towel on American Home Shield Warranty’s chosen contractor (who, as you may recall, missed three appointments and broke a guarantee), I finally got Lloyd’s Electric of Virginia Beach to come over and attempt the compressor repair.

They couldn’t do it either. But that’s only because they found out that the compressor is perfectly fine. It was a worn down motor fan causing the issue altogether. The incompetent boob who (mis)diagnosed the problem first sent us on a wild goose chase. Not only was he wrong about the problem, he couldn’t even fix the problem that he was wrong about.

It is a small blessing however, as I’m sure, after replacing the compressor, I would have had to pay for the replacement of a motor fan which would have miraculously been discovered not to work. We are sitting in the cool now only thanks to Lloyd’s Electric. Amazing folks there.

The moral of this story? Home warranties stink. Especially American Home Shield.

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Home Warranties Stink

July 12, 2007 1 comment

So, a little backstory to start things off. Last Thursday, I get home from a week long trip to LA for meetings. Friday morning, the A/C goes out. In 95+ degree temps. Fine, I say, I’ve got a home warranty from American Home Shield for this exact circumstance, let’s call them as they’ve been helpful before. They assign a technician to come out and repair it and the earliest they can come out is Monday. Fine, next business day was the most I was expecting. We spend the weekend days out of the house and come home to sleep in the cool of the night (70 degrees). That’s literally the high point.

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