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American Idol Top 24 (Err 12)

March 12, 2008 Leave a comment

David Cook

I can’t help but agree with Alicia @ Balancing Motherhood about this season of American Idol and David Hernandez in particular:

Speaking of over the top, David Hernandez did an awful performance. I couldn’t even watch the whole thing. It was embarassing. I had to fast forward. He was just trying way too hard and it was the totally wrong song choice. He is better than that, which is hopefully what America will think.

We skipped right through it and tried hard not to laugh when Randy and Paula stumbled over ways to say that it stunk in a nice way. Simon, as usual, was blunt and honest.

Poor David Archuleta as well. He’s been a favorite of the wife for quite some time and we both cringed when he flubbed the lines. Is his youth hurting him? doesn’t seem to think so as they are calling him their favorite to win the whole thing.

Hopefully Chikeze can hang out a little longer because his performance was really great. My favorite last night was David Cook (visit to listen and view his performance) because he really made the song his own.

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