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Pikum Gearing Up For Wimbledon!

I admit that I am neither the expert on tennis, nor a very good player, but this is pretty exciting to me. We’ve setup a lot of great piks for the Wimbledon tournament and have some good pikums going right now. I’m pretty psyched about what we’ve got going on lately.

Read the entire release after the jump.

WASHINGTON - AUGUST 04:  Andy Murray of Great ...Image by Getty Images via DaylifeWill Andy Murray skulk his way to the men’s Wimbledon title? Or will all the Brits crash out of the tournament in the first week? Tennis fans can show off their knowledge and win big prizes by predicting how the world’s most prestigious tennis championships will unfold with Pikum!, the online game where you compete with friends to predict what’s going to happen. What’s more, you can really show everyone who’s boss, by out-foxing Setanta Sports presenter Charlotte Jackson at her very own Wimbledon Pikums.

Join other tennis fans in taking on Charlotte and predicting what’s going to happen at tennis’ premier event and you could scoop big cash prizes. Even if a player doesn’t predict what will happen exactly, the prize pool goes to whoever comes closest to getting it right. Or you can settle which of you and friends really is the font of all sporting knowledge by playing for free using Pikles, Pikum!’s free bragging rights currency.

If you’re up for Charlotte’s challenge, visit www.pikum.com/charlotte where you can join in the fun and play all the Pikums she’s hosting. To win the prize pool of cash, all you have to do is be the closest at predicting outcomes such as:

• Who will win the tournament?
• Who will be runner up?
• How far will Andy Murray progress in the Championships?
• How many aces will the winner of this tournament serve in total?

And remember, if you fancy coming up with your own Wimbledon Pikum, simply log on and create one in minutes from the choices on Pikum.com, and then invite all your friends to play.

Sean Glass, founder and managing director of Pikum!, says: “We’ve all screamed at the TV when we don’t agree with a sports presenter’s ‘professional’ opinion. Now we finally get the chance to take on a top name at her own game – and make a tidy profit in the process.”

You can also play Pikums on a wide range of sports, including football, tennis, rugby, cricket, Formula One, boxing, and mixed martial arts; and entertainment events, such as Big Brother. Pikum! continues to add events in the entertainment, sports, and current events categories weekly.

Pikum! launched in beta on 6 May and can be played at http://www.Pikum.com.

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