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The Future Is Still Hazy

Louis Gray generously gave me an invite to AssetBar today. Let me start off by saying that the analytics the are potentially available in this application are astounding. Being able to know how many people viewed a feed and what they thought of it is invaluable.

That being said, I’m not convinced that the application of the idea is that strong. I’m not a huge fan of the layout of the site (navigation is not intuitive, feed validation is slow), but my concerns go deeper than that. The site is extremely Javascript heavy and doesn’t seem to be well optimized.

I am probably the exception to the rule since my OPML is gigantic, but Google Reader doesn’t choke on it like this site has. Firefox has been averaging 40% processor usage for the past 5 minutes with only AssetBar open in a fresh browser instance.

Louis points out the pains they took to make the site scalable from their side (infrastructure wise):

Utilizing an extremely scalable database built for this purpose, AssetBar does what Google Reader cannot do. It eliminates duplicate feed items. It shows me what are the most frequently shared feeds and posts. It allows for customization, where Google Reader does not. And it, like Friendfeed, allows me to share items with my friends or all viewers outside of feeds. If I want to share a screenshot of the Apple Web site, I simply click “Share on AssetBar” in my Firefox toolbar, select an image, write a note, and it’s off.

I hope that they optimize their JS at some time soon. Because it’s a very interesting idea

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