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About Todd Grantham

I can’t say I’m really surprised by this move. When you take a defense that ranks #15th(ish) and in a few years make it #30, you have to expect that something like this would happen.

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TheOBR (always known for their classiness) has a bit more information on the story:

And just what was the genesis of the problems between Crennel and Grantham? According to several players, none of whom would speak on the record, Grantham “schemed behind RAC’s back” in an effort to get him fired before the bye so that he could take over as the interim head coach and, possibly, secure the position for years to come.

Furthermore, Barry McBride, the grand poobah of the OBR, had this to say about why they held off on the story:

From what we know, we believe that the Cleveland Browns were looking for ways to allow Grantham to secure his future as a coach within the NFL before leaving the organization. This could be easier done on his terms, and on a timeline that allowed him to continue to work with the organization while finding another role somewhere in the NFL.

Within the organization, as this information started to seep out, it was perfectly correct to say that Grantham was still the team’s defensive coordinator. Folks with less knowledge of the details could easily tell reporters outside the organization as “Grantham is gone”, which was likely true in terms of his not being the DC as the 2008 OTAs and training camp began. But not technically true, in that he was still a member of the organization and had not been “fired”.

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